Every success story has strong foundation enabling a driving force for other to follow. Being not so different from the others, Siddhi Constructions have solid base of expert leading entire team towards a new heights of success. Their expertise knowledge, vision and undying commitment strengthen the pillars for years to come. Here are the leaders behind this success story:

Mr Ramesh K. Dandavate
50 Years of Administrative Experience
Mr Prashant R. Dandavate
Michanical Engineer 28 Years of Experience
Mr Sagar R. Dandavate
Civil Engineer 24 Years of Experience

From the Management’s Desk …
Siddhi Constructions Company was established in 1987 with the simple vision of doing good business and providing quality construction. Prashant Ramesh Dandavate & Sagar Ramesh Dandavate with their knowledge in Construction Management and experience working for a billion dollar construction company have grown Siddhi Constructions to an award winning construction firm. Both Prashant Dandavate and Sagar Dandawate bring a wealth of construction knowledge to the business, having been in the industry for more than 25 years each. With a shared vision to build and an eye for quality work, this dynamic team is leading Siddhi Constructions to be both an example and a legacy in the construction industry. Siddhi Constructions was founded on the four cornerstones of good construction: value, safety, quality and schedule.

Our value comes from our employees and our resources. Our employees are the best the industry has to offer. They are selected for their attitudes and their aptitudes. We have a can do attitude and the resources to make it happen. When a client hires Siddhi Constructions they know they are getting people who care as much about their project as they do. All the employees of Siddhi Constructions are local with a foundation in this community. We have worked among the areas designers, suppliers, building officials and subcontractors for years. We use our local resources for information in prequalification of subcontractors. We treat all business professionals with respects and receive the same in return. Subcontractors and suppliers go the extra mile for us because we are going the same for them. City officials trust us because we have earned it.

By paying attention to safety we are paying attention to our surroundings. We care about our people and we care about our clients. We have a fully operational safety program managed by a safety coordinator. This allows us to maintain a pristine safety record as well as provide for owner requirements. A benefit of our outstanding safety record is that our insurance costs are low, reducing overhead.

The quality and conformance to plans of installed material is monitored daily. We only employ qualified supervisors. The continual quality control by Siddhi Constructions reduces the replacement of installed parts and promotes successful inspections, saving time and money.

We understand the value of time. A good schedule defines expectations and is used as a roadmap through the project. Delivery and inspection dates are monitored and coordinated with construction activities. Long lead items are tracked to verify on time delivery. The project schedule can be determined by an owner end date or by cost effective sequencing. When a schedule is set by the owner’s end date, we develop it backwards to determine the necessity for overtime and expedited freight. When the end date is flexible, we create the schedule based on an efficient sequence of operations.